Frequently Asked Questions

I just moved into your district, how do I set up water service?
Come to our office at 6645 Moss Hollow Road, Barnhart MO 63012 with the address you are moving to, a current phone number, the name and social security number of the person whose name the new account will be in and the date to start your water service.  All customers are required to sign our User Agreement and pay a deposit, $75.00 for a 3/4″ meter and $90.00 for a 1″ meter, by check made out to Public Water Supply District C-1, cash, or credit card.  Service dates are Monday through Friday from 7:30 am and 4:30 pm, our regular business hours.

What if I have a repair to make on my water pipes inside my home?
All C-1 customers are required to have a working shut off valve on the main water line coming into the home.  The shut off valve is usually in the basement or a utility closet. Just shut the valve off and make your repairs.

Why is my water bill so high this month?
There could be many reasons for this. You could have a leak in your service line, your toilet may be leaking, a faucet dripping, one of your hose faucets might be running, etc.Inside Room

How could a leaking toilet cost so much?
A leaking toilet seal could leak as much as 1,440 GAL./day or up to 43,200 GAL./month!

Why is my Water Pressure so low/high?
Most likely you have a problem with your Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) in your home. When a PRV breaks it can get stuck fully open or closed.

When are your Board of Directors Meetings?
Our Board of Directors meet at 5:30 PM. on the second Tuesday of the month, every month. These meetings are held at the District Office and are open to the public.

How and when should I water my lawn?
You should water your lawn for long periods of time a couple times a week, instead of every day. This ensures a deep penetrating soaking. An inch or two a week is a good rule of thumb. You should also water your lawn early in the morning to avoid excessive evaporation.

I’ve seen work crews cleaning your water mains and the water they flush out of the fire hydrants looks dirty, how can the water be safe if it is so dirty?
Almost all water pipes have a thin film of rust and small harmless microbes on the inside. We have a flushing and maintenance program in effect that ensures that the pipes stay clean. If you were to watch the crews flush you would notice that the water clears up after a few minutes of flushing the water main.

Why is some drinking water stored in large tanks that are elevated high off the ground?
The first reason is that this type of storage ensures good water pressure for fighting fires even if the electricity to the pumps goes off line. The second reason is to provide an extra source of drinking water during the day when water use is at its highest. These elevated tanks are refilled at night when water use is low.

How long can I store drinking water?
You can store drinking water indefinitely in capped plastic or glass containers. The taste will become flat after excessive storage, so replacement every 6 months is recommended.

Is it alright to use hot water from the tap for cooking or to make baby formula?
No. You should use cold water. Hot water may contain rust, copper, and lead from your plumbing and hot water heater because these contaminants generally dissolve into hot water faster than cold water.

Does my Backflow Prevention Device have to be tested every year?

Yes.  It is mandated by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MoDNR) Rule 10CSR60-11.010 that a DNR Certified Tester test the device annually and a copy of that test sent to the Public Water Supplier.  Most customers have their device tested when they have the irrigation system started in the Spring or closed in the Fall.