About Our District

Consolidated Public Water Supply District No. C-1 is one of 10 public water districts supplying water to Jefferson County Missouri.  C-1 Water supplies the northeast part of Jefferson County below Arnold.  There are also 6 municipalities with public water systems in Jefferson County.  Water District No. C-1 was formed in 1977 by a consolidation of Districts 4 and 9, previously formed in 1967.  The District covers an area of approximately 60 square miles and, as of June 1, 2019, the District was serving 14,855 connections with a population of approximately 37,000.

Installing ValveDistrict C-1 is largely a residential area with the majority of its customers working and commuting to St. Louis and St. Louis County.  The boundaries of District C-1 can basically be described as the area bordered by Arnold on the north and Pevely and Hillsboro to the south in between Highway 55 and Highway 21.  District C-1 serves customers in the unincorporated areas of Arnold, Barnhart, Hillsboro, High Ridge, House Springs and Imperial.

The customers of District C-1 are being served treated river water purchased wholesale from the Missouri American Water Company.   The system consists of over 200 miles of pipelines, 4 ground storage tanks with re-pump facilities with a combined capacity of 4.2 million gallons, along with 4 elevated storage tanks with a combined capacity of 1.3 million gallons.  The entire District was converted over to the wholesale water supply in October 2004.  Four of the deep wells that originally served the District are held in reserve for emergency purposes.

The district is governed by a five person Board of Directors, with one Director elected from each of the five sub-districts.  The Directors serve three year terms without pay and meet monthly to handle the business matters of the district as required by Missouri Statutes. The Directors receive and review monthly reports of operations and approve all bills incurred by the District.  All major purchases, contracts and employment matters are handled by the Board of Directors, based on recommendations from Management.  The district has a part time Clerk and treasurer, and retains an Attorney and Accounting firm on an hourly basis.  The Clerk, Treasurer and Attorney attend the Board meetings and are available for special assignments as needs arise.

The District Manager has been an employee for 41 years.  She was hired as the receptionist in 1982 and in the following years she has done the billing, accounts payable and has been promoted to the Office Supervisor then to Office Manager.  In January 2015 she was promoted to the District Manager.  The office staff consists of four full time employees to handle billing, accounts payable, customer service and other office duties.

The district has 10 full time servicemen who handle general field maintenance, new service taps, repair of leaks and water main breaks, pump station maintenance and all other field operations as may be required.  All servicemen hold a DS-III certificate (DS stands for ‘Distribution’)with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources Drinking Water Program and must take classes to maintain this certificate.  The Field Supervisor  has been with the district 9 years.  He started as a serviceman and worked his way up to an Operator III.   Our Electronics Technician’s duties are the operation and maintenance of the District’s Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system, pumps, pump stations and all district facilities.  He has been with our district for 31 years. Our Chief Operator must be employed for 10 years with the district.  Our Chief has been with the district for 31 years.

The average daily demand per customer is now 275 gallons per day which translates to an average usage of approximately 3.8 million gallons per day for the entire District.  The District experiencing growth again after and it was expected to keep growing at an estimated rate of approximately 300 new customers per year.

In order to meet the increasing customer demand of prior years, the District signed a wholesale water purchase agreement with the Missouri American Water Company in October 2000.  In conjunction with the pipeline that is being built by Missouri American to serve District C-1, the District began a $25,000,000 capital improvement program in order to efficiently distribute the new water source throughout the district.   Over 25 miles of large diameter watermain, four new pump stations and three new water storage tanks were built to better serve the customers of District C-1.  The capital improvement project was completed in October 2004 at which time all of the District’s customers were converted over to the new water source.