District News and Notices



The charge for damaging an MXU on your meter lid is $220.  So watch out for that water meter lid!  FYI- The MXU is used to transport meter readings to our automatic meter reading system.   We appreciate your cooperation!  Thanks!



Management and the Board of Directors must pass on the annual increase from Missouri American Water Company of 3.77% this fiscal year to continue to operate, maintain, and distribute potable water to you, our customers, and to our new customers that will soon occupy all of the new development in our district.   Please see below for the new rates: 

10 Year Plan (started 6/2020 to 6/2030) to Equalize Cost Per Gallon for Minimum Bills

Starting June 1, 2024:

All usage after the minimum usage will now be billed at $7.26 per 1000 gallons.  It was $7.00 per 1000 gallons last fiscal year.

5/8″ x 3/4″ Meter:  No Change

1″ Meter Minimum Bill Usage:   No Change

1.5″ Minimum Bill Usage:  Previous 8,000 gallons  Current 6,500 gallons

2″ Minimum Bill Usage:  Previous 15,000 gallons  Current 12,500 gallons

3″ Minimum Bill Usage:  Previous 34,000  Current 30,000 gallons

4″ Minimum Bill Usage:  Previous 58,000  Current 50,000 gallons

6″ Minimum Bill Usage:  Previous 136,000  Current 120,000 gallons

8″ Minimum Bill Usage:  Previous 238,000  Current 200,000 gallons