Public Information Archive

Staff and Board of Directors

District Management: Lynne Edwards, District Manager

Erik DeVore, Field Supervisor

Office Staff: Patti Bowzer, Customer Administrator
Kim Riecks, Accounts Payable Administrator
Kim Cook, Billing Administrator
Heather Stotler, Customer Administrator
Field Staff:
Erik DeVore, Field Supervisor & Operator III
Justin Madding, Electronic Technician & Operator III
Robert Tripp, Chief Operator
Richard Adams, Operator III 
Ryan Adams, Operator III
Zachary Dielschneider, Operator III
Joshua Hawkins, Operator II
Preston Cook, Operator II
Brandon Twiggs, Operator I
Ethan Ammons, Operator II
Andrew Olsen, Operator I
To contact the board members, send a letter to P.O. Box 430, Barnhart, MO 63012.  Your letter will be addressed at the next meeting.  You may also come to a board meeting. The board meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at 5:30 pm at the District Office on Moss Hollow Rd.
Board of Directors
and Officers:
William Matzker, President 
Gene Barbagallo, Vice President
Robert Williams, Director
Avery Fortenberry, Director
Dave Baer, Director

Deborah Davis, Board Clerk
Kim Riecks, Board Treasurer
Bianca Eden, Attorney